A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cabin is a prototype art game dedicated to the continuous denial of my desire to be immersed in nature while I live in an urban environment. I tried to use color, music, and geometric aesthetics to evoke a dreamlike, heavy atmosphere indicative of my emotions towards the house in the woods I can never got to.

Walk around with WASD, look around with your mouse, pick up special items by clicking on them, press E to 'examine' them, and press R to rotate them in order to observe their shape.

Install instructions

For the record, playing in any resolution larger than 1080p will probably not be a great experience. Like don't do that, you won't enjoy it as much as a smaller resolution. Mostly because I didn't figure out how to scale the UI in time.


Cabin.exe 17 MB
Cabin.app.zip 26 MB